What is the price of a website?

We wish we could make a "template" by which anyone could calculate how much a website will cost ... Unfortunately we cannot do this, because the price of a website varies greatly depending on how big it should be and what features should have, programming languages used, etc.
The price of a Presentation WebSite

A presentation website is usually “an online business card”, a web solution through which the company presents its services or products. It usually contains a few main pages, including the services offered, the "About Us" and "Contact" pages, but also the main page which is the most important and whose role is to summarize the important parts of this website.

The price of a presentation website varies between 500 £ and 2,000 £, depending on the desired functionalities and the programming languages used. Also the price is influenced by the SEO optimization performed in the back and by the "care" with which it is done.

The price of an Online Shop

The price of a website “online shop” is strongly influenced by the desired functionalities…

If you want a truly professional and easy-to-use online store for the visitor, you will have to consider that the price of such a website starts at 900 £, depending on the platform that suits you and what functionalities you need.

It also matters a lot the number of products you want to upload on the site, one thing is to set up an online store with 20 products and the other is to make a store with 20,000 products.

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