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We create web pages to the latest standards in the field, with modern tools and on stable platforms. We make sure that the latest techniques are used to make a design as current as possible, according to the latest trends in web design.


All site content is optimized for the top positions in Google search, using special techniques developed by us. Search engine optimization is in our opinion one of the fundamental elements of web presence.


The design is responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring seamless operation and optimal display of content on any screen, whether it's desktop, mobile / smartphone or tablet.


Whether it is a logo, a business card or a complete package of visual identity, integrated into the website design or made separately, we are at your disposal with ideas, advice and practical implementation.

Online Shops

Businesses that will not become E-business will become Ex-Business. The virtual shops created by us are notable for their innovative design, easy interaction with users and impeccable functionality. To these are added the ease of administration of orders and products of the online store.


All our projects are accompanied by an efficient and easy-to-use control panel, with which you can manage the content of your site alone, be it a presentation website or a turnkey online store.


To keep in touch with your customers, you need to constantly inform them about news and offers. You can do this either by using an online marketing campaign or by implementing a newsletter system. We offer both.


An important aspect of your web presence is social media interaction. We create, manage and promote personalized pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, while also offering tips and suggestions for using them.


All our projects have automatically implemented the latest GDPR standards online. We ensure GDPR implementation as a separate service, if you already have a website and want to make it GDPR compliant.

Professionals at your disposal

We have solutions for any problem, and we use the best performing techniques in the field. At XTeam, your site is in the safest hands. The presence in the online environment has never been more attractive.

Online Shops

Creating an online store is a great asset for any business, regardless of its size. The statistics made on the businesses that have a presence in the online environment and those that are not in the online environment have had more or less expected results.
The detailed results can be reduced to a simple idea: businesses that own an online store have considerably higher profits compared to classic ones.
By opting for an ecommerce platform, profits have increased significant effect.
If this does not convince you then it is important to know that every day the percentage of purchases made from online stores is much higher compared to traditional stores. This translates easily, creating an online store will certainly only bring you profit, so there is no reason to hesitate.
Contact XTeam with confidence and let's set up an online store exactly the way you want it, suitable for your business.
WebSite & Content

About 80% of people shop on their cell phones. Excellent navigation on any device brings you considerable profits.

This option is perfect for customers and helps them find a particular product or service much faster. This way you will sell faster and better.

This option helps you make small changes whenever you want quickly and easily, everytime you feel the changes are necessary.

Quick, easy and safe. The transaction is carried out in complete security and is easy to use.

Do you want to make minor changes to the store? The easy-to-use management panel makes your work considerably easier.

The first impression customers have when they come into contact with your business. A personalized logo is a must.

Do you want to be the first to sell a particular product and want to be ahead of the competition? This is only possible with the help of SEO optimization.